In the words of Aristotle on artists: << …. each of them loves his work more than they could be loved by the work itself if it became animated. [...]

The reason for this is that everyone wants and likes to exist and the fact that we exist (and in fact we exist by virtue of living and acting in a place ) so the work of art is somehow identical to the creator himself; therefore the artist loves his work because he loves its very existence. [...] In fact the work expresses in place, what we are in power. [...] For those who have created the work of art remains, but for those who received the benefit, it ends soon>>. In order for the listeners to have time to appreciate and enjoy, the shows need to capture the work of art in images and videos.

Another value is to allow the author to see himself, even after a certain amount of time, in an objective way, absorbing the potential of resource and correction of the limit. Becoming conscious of the point he has reached, and living it as a new beginning.