LL.Brand came to life thanks to the desire to make my identity as a musician known. What moves my music-making is having the listener grasp my specific hallmark,  hence the choice of the word "brand". Ensuring that the music would identify the author but at the same time have possible references to something else, the essence.

I lived my being a bass guitarist in many different musical contexts, leading me to expand the use of electric bass and other musical instruments. The union of these particular sounds have created the desire to compose and to give shape to the originality of the sounds in an individual artistic contextualization, transforming my being a bassist to becoming a composer. This has been possible to bring into play more directly, creating through my subjectivity.

This expressive mode has been created, experienced and articulated taking shape in the artistic products designed by me: The First (first release), In Anima (second release), Not far from here (third release).

The desire to be the "protagonist” of my music in its deepest sense is extended through the creation and production of other artistic projects.




... MICHAEL MANRING says about me:

I guess my music is a little unusual because I'm often told there must be no one else in the world who can play my tunes. To this I always answer, "well, there is this guy in Italy..."

I use a strange bass guitar I designed with my friend Joe Zon that allows me to change tuning while I'm playng using specially designed mechanisms. This makes it pretty hard to copy what I do, but when I met Luca he had already bought a Zon Hyperbass like mine and learned, by ear, several of my pieces. I was deeply impressed by his dedication, skill and musicality, but fortunately Luca doesn't limit his skill to simply imitating. He plays several other kinds of instruments, too and his own music is rich, deep and compelling. In this new collection we hear him a largely acoustic context with the colors of piano, bass violin and drums decorating his melodic sensibilities. We also hear his own wonderful compositions with the Hyperbass, pushing the concept into new and personal territory. It's a beautiful and evocative sound that I know you'll find as engaging as I do.